Vegetable Washing&drying machine

Electronic vegetable washing&drying machine
4/20 Kg/Hour washing capacity.
4/10 Min. washing time.
2/10 Kg Drying capacity.
2/4 Min Drying time.
157 Liter washing tank capacity.
0.37-0.50 kW 1000 RPM 380V
Stainless steel body and boiler.
Water pressure adjustment control.
Vegetables and fruits washed with the movement of water in the tank created for the special washing system are washed by accumulating the dirt and wastes in the sedimentation chamber and evacuating them.
Washing tub is easy to clean, do not collapse
The reservoir is easily detachable and has an overflow discharge system.
Dim: 130 x 66 x 98.7 cm 

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